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More wip work I slapped some colors on! You may end up getting whiplash from the various style changes this is enduring, my apologies! 

((A few developmental and SUPER rough sketches from my sketchbook! C: Don’t take all of this as storyline canon of course, because I have many revisions and re-revisions that have happened, but I figured it had been long enough without anything from this blog! I’ll most likely delete this after I post the actual continuing story because I like more finished pieces on here but who knows!?))

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Mod Post

(I apoligize for all the mod posts! I assure you they won’t be taking over~)

First of all a huge thanks to those who alerted me about that nasty virus that hacked this account. I’ve made sure to talk with tumblr staff and reset all passwords/cleaned everything so that it won’t happen again. I really do appreciate the amount of helpful support I received!

Second I PROMISE the story/arc conclusion is in the works! Like I mentioned previously, I’ve had to scale down my grandiose ideas of animation and such because of my inability to really chug that out in a way that won’t make me want to throw things. I’ve actually completed the storyboard, so now just lies the task of rendering 150+ panels into something you would actually enjoy sitting through. I’m also considering doing a more grey-tones approach to the coloring with only splashes of color for the —laughs— for the blood… I think that would really be best if I want it to be finished before the end of the world. C:

Thirdly I’ve also thought about posting some sketches/developmental work for you all to view, it’s just really hard to pick anything seeing as 90% of what I’ve drawn contains spoilers….

Oh and Fourth (-ly?), just so you all aren’t completely confused, just as my art style has been changing, so to had Jack’s appearance been in flux. I’d say that at this point in my drawing extravaganza he’s definitely taken on a more stocky/solid body type. Maybe I have been watching Peeta too carefully in Catching Fire? Anyways, I think he really looks closer to my idea of someone who developed due to exertion and flying and killing as he did, and who knows, he may change even further!

I really hope that I can continue enthralling you all who have stuck around in the quiet tundra that is this blog, and if I can find some non-spoilerish sketches to post I’ll be sure to do that posthaste! 

((Thank you for the magic you’ve instilled, Guardians~

And thanks to all of you who have stuck around even though this blog’s hiatus grows ever larger!))

Mod Post

Wow, it’s been way too long, hello!

I apologize for the excessive break, things pile up and get pushed over and I’ve kept getting inspiration to update and then switched tracks. 

I think the biggest thing that’s been stopping me is that I want to end this arc with an incredible bang is that I have some ridiculously fun ideas for but I don’t really have the time or skills for it? 

So I think instead of stringing you wonderful followers along I am going to buckle down and do a more attainable version of my ideas, and I really hope you all will enjoy the final result~

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Pieces of you that you’ll never get back.

Hello. Jack here, interrupting your regularly scheduled programming, or however you over-privileged living break into conversations. I wouldn’t know. I only talk to myself.

Anyways, the matter at hand. This delightful account of my pain, blogged for all of you sadists to revel in, is going to have to take a small break. It seems that the person who lovingly draws every line of my tortured existence has a bunch of traveling happening in the near future.

My story, will continue, I assure you, but until then, please direct your blood-thirsty eyes to the link to the right of this blog, and enjoy seeing my agony from beginning to present.

(Mod: Hello dear readers! As Jack so drolly made clear, I have to give the blog a little break! I am not tired of it or anything, I promise. I just have about two or three weeks of travelling/vacation coming up, and I thought I would post a little notice! I actually have everything up till the close of this arc planned out, and I believe it is going to be VERY cool, and well worth the wait! It’s just garnering time to do it. As soon as the trip is over all I have is working at my job and working on the update, so it should be fairly quick!

I will be in Phoenix, Arizona for Phoenix Comic Con May 24-26th, and I will also be attending A-kon in Dallas, Texas on Saturday June 1st. I then have company for the week following the Dallas convention and then I am home-free.

If anyone is interested in meeting up or saying hi, please message me~

Be back soon! And as always, I am incredibly grateful for the interest in this dark and twisted little story, You guys rule!)

returnofthecheifn-deactivated20 sent:
Yo, tenebrion. I would have been your daddy, but the dog beat me over the fence.

-hhhhh ghh- you—….I’m going to te—-ar out your eye-ssssss…just like Jackie did to Pi————AUUUGHRRRRRRA——ssssssss-





Which I don’t mind~ but….